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Play South Westminster – British Folk Art at Tate Britain July ’14

Games designed by the local community of South Westminster help show what matters most to them in their local area.

You can still play and remix 5 game levels developed with residents of South Westminster at the SouthWestFest Gala Day 28 June. They set the themes, and their ideas shaped the game designs. Their drawings form the building blocks of the game – avatars, background settings, obstacles, rewards etc.

The games

  • ‘What Will You Save?’ in which you choose what matters most to you – dogs, community spirit, public services, or the simple pleasures of a sunny day?
  • ‘Dog Snog’ – find a dog a loving home.
  • Now that Boris has closed the London firestations you have to douse the blazing fires across Westminster yourself in ‘On Fire, Oh No!’
  • Play ‘Cash Grab’ and kill the spirit of community.
  • Your mission is to enjoy eternal sunshine in Pimlico by evading threats in ‘Save the Day!’

Anyone can now go online at home, school and work, to create, remix and share games about South Westminster using the free online game-building site.

See and hear the people behind the games: coppers, firemen, students, churchgoers, dog lovers, futurologists, parents, inventors etc. aged 5-75 (at a guess) in a film by Pete Gomes

More about Play Your Place – Play South Westminster

Play Your Place is an ongoing open artwork based on a collaboration between Ruth Catlow and Mary Flanagan in which social drawing activities with local residents form the basis of computer platform games about the locality.

Thanks and respect to the people of South Westminster. Artistic Direction by Ruth Catlow of Furtherfield. Game Design by Holly Gramazio. Film Direction by Pete Gomes. Sounds by Stuart Bowditch. Music by MilkPlus. Play Your Place game-building software created with Soda

Exhibited 5-6 July alongside the ‘British Folk Art’ exhibition at Tate Britain.

Play South Westminster is a collaboration with the Regeneration Community Partnerships programme at Tate Britain, and Peabody Housing Trust, celebrating SouthWestFest, a two week festival for the community of South Westminster and the British Folk Art exhibition at Tate Britain.

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This work by Local Play (based on a collaboration between Ruth Catlow and Dr Mary
Flanagan) is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License

The free software, that enables anyone to draw, make and play their own platform game levels, developed with Soda was first published to Github October 2013