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Peer to peer futures at Alt-cph 14 Assemble

Furtherfield has brought Play Your Place to Alt_cph Assemble Open Art Fair in Copenhagen. Visitors are drawing for a game where everything is decided and organized between peers. No state, no corporations. It’s down to us.

We have to deal with

  • global epidemic
  • waste everywhere
  • everything we could ever want
  • no more electricity

10th-13th Sept they set the themes, and their ideas shape the game designs.

Their drawings will form the building blocks of the game – avatars, background settings, obstacles, rewards etc

See the latest drawings here

 Alt_cph Assemble

Play Your Place is an ongoing open artwork based on a collaboration between Ruth Catlow and Mary Flanagan in which social drawing activities with local residents form the basis of computer platform games about the locality.

Thanks and respect to Carl Martin Faurby at Atl_cph and Sara Mesquita for her work.

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This work by Local Play (based on a collaboration between Ruth Catlow and Dr Mary
Flanagan) is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License

The free software, that enables anyone to draw, make and play their own platform game levels, developed with Soda was first published to Github October 2013