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Germination X a game about permaculture by

Art and Games of Place

Projects that play with our relationship to social, digital, urban and natural environments. Many of these use Free and Open Source Software and/or participatory processes inspired by surrounding cultures. Some cause us to reflect on and rehearse how we take decisions individually or  together that effect our societies and environments. Germination X Germination X a [...]

Mostly Open Source Game Engines . . .

In our work we are investigating what we need to build on our own, and what existing tools of which we might take advantage. This is a nice big list of game making tools; the many 2D Platfom game engines are delightful to review. Open Source Games and Tools Free, Open Source Game Developer News [...]

This work by Local Play (based on a collaboration between Ruth Catlow and Dr Mary
Flanagan) is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License

The free software, that enables anyone to draw, make and play their own platform game levels, developed with Soda was first published to Github October 2013