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Game Cards from drawing jam 1: medium, context, environment, being, action

Game Cards

The cards are used to set the subject of drawings. The selections combine to provoke unexpected spurs to memory and imagination and an unusual approach to drawing itself. – no title specified context environment being action medium bling hostile wild creature cycling black on colour invasion welcoming Dad just being colour alien invasion sea & [...]

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Our first drawing jam – game cards, automation and mediation

This first day of jamming taught cialis pills us a lot. pharmacy viagra cheap Reflections on the tension between automation and mediation: We are designing a game platform that will allow people to create and contribute their drawings to the game online, independently, logging on whenever and wherever. Theoretically this makes the game scaleable- not [...]

This work by Local Play (based on a collaboration between Ruth Catlow and Dr Mary
Flanagan) is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License

The free software, that enables anyone to draw, make and play their own platform game levels, developed with Soda was first published to Github October 2013