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These tutorials guides and game samples will help you to discover how to play and make platform games about your own community. Teachers and group leaders don’t miss the Checklist for Teachers and Community Leaders (guide number 6).


1) Step by Step Guide to playing and making game levels – download and print

Step by Step guide to creating games about your placeDownload and print this pdf (786Kb) to learn how
to play games made by other people, to make your
own game levels and to share them with others.


2) Learn how to play – Video tutorial

Every game level is different but you can watch
this video tutorial to learn the basics about how
to play to win game levels



3) A guide to developing your game story – download and print

Developing a good game story is one way to help people to connect with your game level. Here is a simple guide to developing a game story.



4) A guide to drawing for your game levels – download and print

This guide offers technical and creative tips on drawing for game levels.
We say that everyone can draw if they are prepared to put aside at least 5 seconds. We also say “If you draw it, it will happen!”

5) Videos of some sample games – watch on Youtube

Mr Chippy Chooses Fresh Fruit by Lola
Change idea: more healthy eating options on Southend sea front




Smokie Runs for Fresh Air by Westcliff High School for Girls
Change idea: cleaner air in Southend




6) Check list for Teachers and Community Leaders – download and print

Resources and technical information to help teachers
and community leaders to run a session for any group of people



Join thousands of people who are imagining the future of their local neighbourhood, drawing, scanning, uploading, and setting up rules for their own homemade games for the health and prosperity of all – or for total disaster.

This work by Local Play (based on a collaboration between Ruth Catlow and Dr Mary
Flanagan) is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License

The free software, that enables anyone to draw, make and play their own platform game levels, developed with Soda was first published to Github October 2013